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POWHER Pre Workout for Women

POWHER is a pre-workout supplement made especially for women. It’s manufactured in FDA registered facilities and sold exclusively online via the manufacturer’s website.

As you are probably aware, most supplements are marketed towards men. The female body can respond differently to ingredients than the male body does, so this is a big problem.

Stimulants are a good example. Although the average guy may be able to handle high doses of caffeine and other stimulants, many women cannot. It takes more than a splash of pink on the label to make a supplement be genuinely female-friendly.

Like the majority of pre-workout supplements, POWHER is a powder you have to mix with water and consume as a drink. The colour of the powder? Pink, of course. So is the label on the clear plastic tub that houses the powder and, here’s a twist, the flavour is pink too—pink lemonade.

However, don’t knock this product for the overpoweringly pink stereotype it presents. Unlike a lot of supplements that are aimed at women, POWHER offers some real power.

POWHER Buying Info and Coupon Codes

POWHER is available exclusively from it’s own official website.

There is currently No POWHER coupon code due to the special offer that is running

Click here to view special offers and pricing


Powher Pre Workout

What is POWHER?

Pre-workout supplements are all created with the same agenda. They are intended to give people the extra push they need to train harder in the gym or while practicing their favorite sport, be it running, martial arts, or something else.

Promised Benefits

  • Provides a stable release of energy
  • No jitters, side effects, or crash
  • Supports intense workouts and faster fat loss
  • Increases your strength in the gym
  • Improves stamina
  • Provides a mental boost
  • Helps you attain a more toned body
  • Contains no bulking ingredients

POWHER v the Alternatives

In theory, there are three types of pre-workout supplement. Those that are intended for both men and women and those that are intended to be used solely by members of one sex or the other. In reality, most of the workout supplements on the market are best suited for men.

In fact, some manufacturers go as far as marking the same supplement under two different names. One is the original pre-workout for men, the other masquerades as a pre-workout for women.

There is a lot of deception when it comes to supplements for women. That’s what makes POWHER so exciting.

Instead of ignoring the fact that women don’t handle stimulants as well as men do, the manufacturer has chosen to use a low dose of caffeine. No other stimulants are included.

Does the lack of stimulants mean POWHER also lacks power? Not hardly. That small dose of caffeine is backed up by 12 natural ingredients that can boost energy levels and support an improved workout in other ways.

The other important thing to know is, POWHER designed to help women get a nice toned appearance. Pre-workouts for men often contain ingredients to accelerate muscle growth and add extra bulk.

Getting big and bulky is not what the average girl wants, so POWHER will not inflict it on her. Instead, it provides just enough muscle-building support to aid faster recovery and reduce post-exercise muscle pain.

Women pre workout supplement

POWHER Ingredient Profile

Each (10g) serving of POWHER contains 13 active ingredients:

Pantothenic Acid10mg
Vitamin B610mg
Vitamin B1250mcg
L-Citruline Malate2,000mg
Coconut Water (freeze-dried)500mg
Natural Caffeine100mg

Formula Viability

The combination of ingredients used in POWHER is first-rate and there has been no scrimping on the inclusion rates. A formulation like this doesn’t just give the competitors a run for their money, it leads the way.

Pantothenic Acid

Also known as Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid shares a common trait with other B vitamins in that it helps the body to extract energy from food. For this reason, pantothenic acid is also included in many energy drink formulations. It also has a role to play in blood cell production. [SOURCE]

Vitamin B6

Another popular energy drink ingredient. Apart from being good for invigorating the body, Vitamin B6 also assists muscular function and aids the production of the hemoglobin that’s responsible for carrying oxygen around the body and the hormones that regulate the mood. [SOURCE]

Vitamin B12

Also a popular energy drink ingredient, Vitamin B12 helps promote and a healthy nervous stem and supports the production of blood cells and DNA. Like all B vitamins, B5 is water-soluble. The body cannot store it and needs its levels topping up every day. [SOURCE]


Yet another energy drink ingredient. Apart from boosting energy levels, taurine is also able to provide increases in strength, protect against muscle damage, and speed up post-workout recovery. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3]


A patented ingredient extracted from the bark of the Termninalia Arjuna tree. Termninalia Arjuna is popular with practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine and research proves it can have a beneficial effect on the heart. Research conducted specifically on OxyJun shows the ingredient can support longer periods of exercise without fatigue. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2]


EnXtra is a caffeine-free botanical ingredient that boosts performance, energy and mental focus and does so without the risk of side effects. Furthermore, it increases levels of mental alertness and focus for up to five hours and, when combined with caffeine, it can amplify the stimulant’s benefits without the risk of a “crash”. [SOURCE]

L-Citruline Malate

A non-essential amino acid that boosts performance and endurance. There is a wealth of evidence that proves these abilities, including a seven-day study, involving trained cyclists. [SOURCE]


Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that assists protein synthesis and has a long-standing reputation as a performance enhancer. Research shows Beta-Alanine can extend periods of physical activity by reducing lactic acid build-up. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2]

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Some of the minerals it provides are important electrolytes the body needs for energy. This makes it very good for revitalizing the body. [SOURCE]


An amino acid that’s included in many nootropic supplements because the body uses it to make norepinephrine and dopamine. It also assists the production of adrenaline. When taken in supplement form, Tyrosine may boost mental focus and lift the mood. [SOURCE]


An amino acid the body uses for constructing collagen and repairing muscle tissue. It also commonly used as a performance enhancer. Medicinally, lysine is used as a remedy for cold sores. [SOURCE]


A patent-protected beetroot extract that contains 25 times more nitrate than normal beetroot would provide. Nitrate improves the circulation, thereby ensuring the muscles and major organs receive extra oxygen and nutrients. This makes it possible to workout with greater intensity for longer periods of time before tiredness sets in. [SOURCE]

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine increases mental focus, improves concentration, and boosts energy levels. That’s why students and overworked executives sometimes take caffeine tablets. Caffeine is also often added to diet pills because it has the ability to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning. [SOURCE]

Women pre workout supplements

Usage Guidelines

Mix one (10 g) scoop of the POWHER with 250 ml of water and then drink the solution 30 minutes before your workout.

Customer Comments and Opinion

POWHER customer reviews are hard to find but are, nevertheless, very good.

“I had the energy, trained hard and waited for the crash. It never came and there has been no side effects at all. I’ve got all my friends using Powher as well now.”

“The last supplement I tried had me bouncing off the walls and sent my heartbeat crazy. This one does none of that. It gives a nice clean buzz of energy. Tastes good too. I’ll be sticking to it from now on.”

“Way better than any of the other pre workout supplements I’ve tried. I can really feel this one working and it’s made a big difference to my intensity. I’m training harder and toning up well now. The best thing about it is there have been no jitters or other side effects to spoil things.”

Any POWHER Side Effects

POWHER does not have any known side effects. However, as with any supplement of this nature, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Ladies who have existing health problems or are using medication should take the precaution of checking with their doctor before using POWHER for the first time.

Although POWHER only contains a modest amount of caffeine, its presence may make the formulation unsuitable for women who have an unusually low caffeine tolerance. Women who fall into this category are advised to begin with half-scoop doses. This will allow them to asses their tolerance.

However, each scoop contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. So anyone who can drink a cup of coffee without issue should be able to use POWHER without issue aw well.


POWHER is what most other pre-workout supplements for women only claim to be and customer reviews show it delivers the goods. That’s not surprising. It contains an incredibly good combination of ingredients.

The important thing to remember is POWHER is not a weight loss product. It’s a training enhancer for women who workout hard and want to workout harder. If that’s you, POWHER will help you to burn extra calories and lose fat more easily.

Powher review

Where to Buy POWHER

POWHER is exclusive to the product website. Each tub provides 25 servings (250 mg) and has an RRP of only $45. That’s not bad at all.

It’s also possible to get a better deal by placing a slightly larger order. The best deal goes to women who order three tubs of POWHER and get a fourth tub for free, along with free worldwide shipping.

There is currently no POWHER coupon codes due to the special offer running

Click here to visit POWHER official website and view current price promotions


How long does a tub of POWHER last?

POWHER is a pre-workout supplement. You will only need to take it on the days you workout or go to your chosen sporting activity. How long a tub lasts will depend on your level of activity.

If you only train three times a week, each tub will last eight weeks. If you train six times per week a tub will last for a month.

Is it safe to take POWHER and other supplements as well?

If you want to take POWHER alongside vitamin and mineral supplements there should not be any problems. However, if you are planning on taking it with appetite suppressants, fat burners, or other supplements the sensible thing to do is discuss your intentions with a doctor first.

How long does it take to work?

After it’s been consumed, the effects should become apparent within 30 minutes. That’s why the usage guidelines state it should be consumed 30 minutes before training begins.

Will POWHER help me to lose weight?

It will if you are already eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, but that’s not its primary purpose. POWHER is intended for active women who are looking for a way to enhance their performance during training or sport activities.

What’s the best way to store POWHER?

As with any other powder-type supplement, the best place to store POWHER is in a cool dark area, away from strong smells that may taint the flavor. It’s also important to replace the lid firmly between each use. Supplement powders can absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This can affect the texture and flavor. Replacing the lid correctly will prevent this from happening.

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