Nutrex Outlift – Stim Free Pre Workout Review

Last updated on January 27th, 2019

Nutrex Outlift Stim Free




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  • Stacked pre-workout
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Nutrex Outlift Review

Nutrex released their pre-workout supplement Outlift in regular and stim-free versions. This review covers the stim-free version but they are close enough in ingredients for the information below to be useful to you.

If you’re anything like me, you have two pre-workouts in the cupboard, one with stimulants, and one stim-free option.

A stim-free option is useful for a day where you want to get your stimulant fix another way, or you want to take advantage of the other ingredients a stim-free will use, or you just don’t want the stim “feel”.

Of course, some of you always go stim-free for any number of reasons, and so these are your go-to products.

I have alternated Nutrex Research’s Stim-Free Outlift with another product I have been testing, Dymatize Pre W.O.

This gave me a great idea as to how a stimulant based pre-workout compared with the stim-free pre. They are also fairly similar with respect to some of the key inclusions and their dosages, and they provided an even better platform for comparison.

Why Use Nutrex Outlift Stim-Free?

The obvious reasons are that you want a stim-free pre-workout, Nutrex Research are a reputable company, and Outlift is a fairly recent product line, so why not?!

One thing to point out from the beginning is the 26 grams of Outlift powder for every scoop.

That’s a pretty big scoop and worthy of your attention, because there are only a couple grams of non-active ingredients in Outlift, meaning it contains about 24 grams of active ingredients.

Companies who routinely put out these pre-workouts, the servings of which are in single figure grams, can not compare their products to something like Nutrex Outlift.

Here are the reported benefits of Outlift Stim-Free:

  • Enhances Power and Strength
  • Amplifies Muscle Pump, Reduces Fatigue, Supports Recovery
  • Stim-Free
  • Scientifically Based Formula
  • Non-Proprietary Blend

Yep, that last point brings be to the next section. The formula is an open book; no proprietary blends to trick the customer.

Nutrex Outlift Stim Free Ingredients

What Are the Ingredients and Dosages?

Nutrex have used the majority of their regular Outlift pre-workout formula, taken out the caffeine and l-tyrosine and added Betaine instead.

To that end it’s a true non-stim version of the same formula, which is not the route a lot of companies go mainly because they usually have too many stimulants so after they replace them, there is very little of the original formula left.

My point is, if you like the look of regular stimulant Outlift except for that darn caffeine and l-tyrosine, well, you’re in luck.

The main active ingredients in each 26 gram scoop are as follows:

Citrulline Malate [8 g] – the chief of the muscle pump ingredients at the moment. It’s better than straight arginine for boosting nitric oxide levels because arginine is broken down too quickly.

So, taking citrulline increases serum arginine more than taking arginine does (just go with it).

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn) [3.2 g] – CarnoSyn is the most respected branded form of beta-Alanine, the non-essential amino acid that helps you push a few more reps in your volume set.

L-Leucine [3 g] – the primary branched chain amino acid (BCAA), which can be used in the muscle as direct fuel, and triggers the anabolic muscle growth process.

Betaine Anhydrous [2.5 g] – a heart protecting methyl-donor that helps reduce cellular damage from exercise oxidation. Research tells us it might have a similar effect to creatine with respect to drawing water into cells.

Creatine Monohydrate (as Creapure) [2 g] – creatine needs no introduction, it’s the most proven strength building supplement ever. However, I would add another 3 grams of Creatine monohydrate to this amount to replenish your phosphocreatine energy stores.

Taurine [2 g] – helps speed recovery and reduce muscle soreness, especially in combination with the BCAAs in the blend. It may also be able to help aerobic function and increase exercise induced fat burning (thermogenesis).

L-Isoleucine [1.5 g]
L-Valine [1.5 g]
BioPerine [5mg]

Like I said in the Creatine bit, the only thing I would do is add some additional creatine to your shake. Timing for creatine is not critical, it simply builds up in your cells to saturate them and form a phosphocreatine reservoir.

By adding 3 grams more of creatine monohydrate you will provide your body with enough for each day with a little in reserve to top up your phosphocreatine stores. Whereas the 2 grams in Outlift may potentially be used up during intensive workouts.

Your phosphocreatine reservoir is basically an energy store that you muscles can tap into when they need it.

Will the Formula Work for You?

It depends on whether you enjoy/need a stimulant kick up the backside. If you’re okay taking stimulants, then I’d stick with stim-formulas for the most part because they provide something that non-stims just can’t.

I mentioned in the intro that I like having one of each; a stimulant containing pre-workout and a non-stim pre-workout. That’s personal choice, but it lets me have a coffee heavy morning some days and still get pumped in the gym without overdoing the caffeine.

The most common possibility is that you are a non-stimulant kind of person. I don’t care why you don’t take stimulants, but I want you to have a solid pre-workout, and with Nutrex Outlift you’ve got one, trust me.

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