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Burn XT Review

Some thermogenic fat burners are aimed at normal people wish to lose weight. Others are intended for bodybuilders and the more athletically inclined. Burn XT falls into the latter category.

Burn XT is one of a number of sports supplements being marketed by a company called Jacked Factory. It’s based in New York and caters solely for the American and Canadian market.

Jacked Factory describes Burn XT as a “cutting-edge thermogenic fat burner for men and women” and states it provides an effective dose of the most powerful fat burning ingredients available.

To be fair, the formulation does include some damned good fat burners and the inclusion rates look okay. However, Jacked Factory has been a bit heavy-handed with the caffeine.

Not surprisingly a number of customers have left reviews complaining about side effects. Some customers also state Burn XT does not work, so the cutting-edge formula may not be so sharp after all.

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What Are the Alleged Benefits?

  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Increases fat burning
  • Preserves muscle mas
  • Burns more calories
  • Provides energy
  • No artificial dyes, fillers, or preservatives
  • Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP certified facility
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Burn XT thermogenic fat burner

So What Does All This Mean?

Burn XT works in a similar way to all the other thermogenic fat burners on the market, though most of the other options don’t contain nearly so much caffeine.

If it successfully suppresses hunger it will help people to eat less. As long as they are eating the right kind of foods the reduction in volume should cause a calorie shortage. When the body lacks calories it starts burning fat.

Burn XT is also designed to boost the metabolism. The metabolism takes energy from food and puts it to work. Boosting the metabolism causes an increased demand for calories. If the calories are not there the body has to burn more fat.

The formulation also contains ingredients that make the body temperature a little warmer. This causes the body to lose extra energy as heat. Its ability to do this makes Burn XT a thermogenic fat burner as well.

Sometimes the calorie shortage that is necessary for burning fat also causes a reduction in muscle mass. Nobody wants this. Especially not bodybuilders and athletes. For this reason, some supplements contain ingredients that help prevent this loss.

what is in Burn XT

Burn XT Ingredient Profile and Blend Evaluation

A two-capsule dose provides:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 700 mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 450 mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 270 mg
  • Capsimax – 50 mg
  • Bioperine – 5 mg


An amino acid that supports muscle growth and helps pull energy into the cells. It’s often added to bodybuilding supplements because it can speed up post-workout recovery rates and prevent muscle degradation. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2]

Green tea fat burner

Green Tea Extract

It’s not a surprise to see green tea included in the mix. Apart from being one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the world it’s also one of the best. Researchers have proven its value again and again and the results of one study show it can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation for up to 24 hours. [SOURCE]

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is another commonly-used diet pill ingredient. It’s also often overused. It’s abilities as a stimulant allow it to be very effective for boosting mental focus and accelerating the metabolism. Needless to say, it boosts energy too.

When used in moderation, most people can enjoy the benefits of caffeine without any unpleasant repercussions. Burn XT provides 270 mg per dose. That’s a lot and the anhydrous form of caffeine is absorbed fast so the body is going to get a quick hit that could cause jitters, headaches, and other side effects.

To put things into perspective, taking two capsules will provide a dose of caffeine similar to that provided by three cups of coffee. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3]



Capsimax is a proprietary blend of capsicum extract. Capsicum is a good ingredient that has proven value as an appetite suppressant, a metabolism booster, and a thermogenic fat burner. It’s actually one of the most powerful weight loss ingredients available.

The problem is, most capsicum extracts are hard on the stomach. Capsimax is not. It uses a special bead technology that allows it to be easy on the digestive organs while also delivering maximum power. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3]


A patented black pepper extract that provided piperine. Black pepper extracts are used in many different types of supplements because piperine aids ingredient absorption. [SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2]

How to Use Burn XT

The normal dose is two capsules first thing each morning. These should be taken with a glass of water. If desired, it’s permissible to take a further two capsules five to six hours later.

However, new users are warned to begin with a dose of no more than one capsule per day. This makes it possible to check for tolerance issues. If none come to light, Jacked Factory says it’s possible to go full steam ahead and take the full dose from day three onward.

Burn XT Customer Comments

Although there are a lot of good reviews there are also people who are saying the product failed to meet their requirements. There are many reports of side effects as well.

A few average customer reviews read:

“I like Burn XT. It always gives me a ton of energy to put into my morning workout. I think I may have lost a couple of pounds from my waist as well so everything is good.”

“These pills are a waste of money they don’t help with fat burning at all. All they do is give you a banging headache and leave you feeling half dead for the rest of the day.”

“Three weeks ago I began going to the gym and eating a low-energy diet. I also began using Burn XT. So far, I’ve managed to lose 9lbs and my energy levels are through the roof. I’ve still got a way to go yet but I’m confident the pills will help me get there.”

“I’m not really sure if these pills work or not. I am eating less, but that’s because they get me feeling so ill. They do give you an initial energy buzz, but it’s followed by a crash that makes you want to crawl away and sleep. Other people may have more luck with this product, but it’s not for me.”

Reported Side Effects

Although some people seem to be able to use Burn XT without issue, others report experiencing a range of unpleasant side effects.

Reported side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Drowsiness

All of the reported side effects are the same as the ones people normally experience when they consume too much caffeine. That includes feeling drowsy.

After an initial energy boost, high doses of caffeine can result in a phenomenon known as a “caffeine crash”.

Extreme tiredness is one of the main symptoms of a caffeine crash. It can also interfere with concentration, cause irritability, and hit you with an overpowering desire to sleep. [SOURCE]

Although the warning on the back of the bottle is easy to miss, Jacked Factory suggests all users ask for a doctor’s opinion prior to using Burn XT. This is very good advice.

Where to Buy Burn XT

Unless you don’t live in the US or Canada, you probably won’t be able to buy Burn XT at all. Jacked Factory does not offer shipping options to addresses located outside North America.

However, presuming your geographical location is right you have the option of buying Burn XT from the Jacked Factory website and via Amazon.com.

As far as the price goes, Burn XT initially appears pretty cheap. You can normally buy a bottle of burn for around USD $30. The problem is, if you use two doses a day, a bottle will only last for a couple of weeks. If you are seriously thinking of using this product you may want to bear that in mind.


Jacked Factory promises customers a 30-day money back guarantee, but the Terms and Conditions page on the company website suggests refunds are only available for products that are unused.

Any refunds issued are less the cost of shipping and Jacked Factory also subtracts an unspecified handling charge.

Is Burn XT Worth Buying?

Burn XT is a supplement that offers customers a mix of good and bad. The formulation contains green tea and Capsimax. Both are excellent fat burners so that’s good. It also contains a large dose of caffeine. That could give many people a significant energy boost, which is good, but it could also cause side effects and that is undeniably bad.

The fact that some customers say the product worked well for them is good. Unfortunately, a lot of customers report experiencing side effects that could easily be attributed to caffeine overload. That, of course, is bad.

There are also some doubts about the value of the money back guarantee and the shipping options are severely limited. Neither of these things is good. All things considered, Burn XT does not compare well to some of the other options available.

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