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Last updated on January 8th, 2019

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  • Science backed ingredient profile
  • Well dosed, good quantities
  • Solid muscle pumps
  • Very positive customer reviews
  • Very positive customer reviews


  • Only available from official website
  • Creatine dosage could be higher

4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

4 Gauge is a pre workout supplement by Roar Ambition. The company is based in Britain and the USA and is also responsible for creating the high-potency fat burner Instant Knockout.

Both products have done very well since their launch and succeeded in amassing an army of fans.

Roar Ambition places a lot of focus on creating high-quality supplements that contain optimum doses of respected ingredients.

The company also refrains from hiding ingredients in proprietary blends. You know exactly what you are getting with Roar Ambition because all the inclusion rates are there to see.

All Roar Ambition supplements are produced in CGMP-approved facilities in the UK and USA. This may not seem like an important consideration, but it is.

CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines are very strict. The quality of products made in such establishments has to be incredibly good.

4 Gauge review

4 Gauge Buying Info

  • Orders are via the official website only. You can buy in your local currency ($, €, £ and AUD$)
  • There are special offers from time with the current best offer being buy 3 and get 1 free.
  • There is free shipping to the USA and UK on larger orders

Click here to visit official 4 Gauge website and view special offers

As is often the case with pre-workout supplements, 4 Gauge comes in powder form. The idea is you mix it with water and drink it before training. Nothing new with that idea.

However, the packaging is very imaginative. The tubs resemble a large shotgun cartridge. It’s a good match for a name like “4 Gauge” and provides an excuse for lots of clever marketing terms:

  • Load up your guns
  • Blow apart your previous workouts
  • Enjoy more explosive training sessions

Like a 4 Gauge shotgun shell, this pre-workout is designed to be as big and bad as they come.

The marketing is certainly very clever and customer reviews suggest Roar Ambition’s marketing claims are on target. Let’s take a closer at 4 Gauge and see why so many people are saying this pre-workout blows them away.

4 Gauge Pre Workout Feature

  • No sweeteners or other artificial ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Clinically dosed
  • Fast-acting formulation
  • Manufactured in CGMP-approved facilities

What the Powder Is Designed to Do

4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement. It’s intended for people seeking extra energy and focus while they train.

A lot of people struggle to find the energy and focus needed to give it their all while training. That’s not so surprising really. The average gym-goer often has to train after putting in a full day at work.

Even those who are not being held back in this way can still find it hard to train with the intensity necessary to get maximum gains.

How It Compares to the Other Options Available

There’s a lot of pre-workout supplements on the market. All of them are sold with pretty big promises. 4 Gauge stands out from the rest of the crowd for one reason, and it’s not the clever packaging. It’s the fact that it delivers the promised results.

There’s a good buzz about the product. It’s got people talking and they have a lot of good things to say.

Promised Benefits

  • Incredible energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved mental focus
  • Enjoy amazing workouts
  • Attain massive strength gains
  • Enjoy superior muscle growth
  • Train with enhanced strength, and endurance
  • Get heads turning with your new and improved physique

So, What Does All This Mean?

The list of benefits promised to users of this product is quite long. However, most of the things that are promised are the results of three main benefits.

1. Incredible Energy

Energy and strength are two different things. It doesn’t matter strong you are, if you feel too pooped to do anything with your strength you’re screwed.

It’s a bit like having a Ferrari with next to no gas in the tank. You may look pretty good, but you ain’t going to get very far. There may be a quick burst of power, but then your energy splutters and dies.

A good workout takes time. You have to put in that time and it needs to be quality time. Swinging the weights around in a lack lustre fashion won’t do much for you at all. Nor will backing up on the reps or dropping the weights.

Do any of these things too often and probably won’t even maintain the muscle and strength you’ve already got. But we’re all only human and it’s hard to train with intensity when all your get up and go has got up and gone.

That’s why 4 Gauge is designed to provide you with a significant energy boost.

2. Increased Stamina

When we talk about “stamina” what we really mean is staying power. It’s really just the ability to continue doing something over a prolonged period of time. If you’ve got energy, you can put in the work. Stamina allows you to do so for longer. There’s only the subtlest of differences between the two.

What does 4 Gauge do

3. Improved Mental Focus

You need mental focus to stop your mind from wandering and concentrate on the job in hand. It allows you to “focus” on the area you are targeting and work it in the correct way.

Training with focus helps prevent you from being lazy while training. More than that. On the days when you really don’t feel like going to the gym, regaining your focus will help turn things around.

If you want to build a strong body, you need to maintain a strong state of mind. 4 Gauge is designed to help you do it.

4. Knock-On Benefits

All of the other promised benefits are knock-on benefits.

When you have extra energy and stamina, combined with improved mental focus, you will be able to train harder. This will allow you to enjoy amazing workouts. “Amazing” because they are so much better than before.

Unless your diet has gone incredibly wrong, the fact that your training harder will result in strength gains and muscle growth.

Finally, as your physique improves heads may start to turn as you pass by. That’s the idea anyway.

4 Gauge Ingredients at a Glance

A two-scoop (14g) serving of 4 Gauge provides:

  • L-Citrulline Dl-Malate (6000mg)
  • Creatine Monohydrate (1000mg)
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (500mg)
  • Coconut Water Powder (300mg)
  • Red Beetroot Extract (300mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg)
  • L-Theanine (200mg)
  • Rhodiola Rosea (Root) Powder (100mg)

The 4 Gauge Pre Workout Formula

Roar Ambition has succeeded in putting together a very impressive formulation. All of the ingredients are first-rate.

L-Citrulline Dl-Malate + Red Beetroot Extract

L-Citrulline Dl-Malate is an amino acid extracted from watermelons and it shares an important ability with red beetroot. Both ingredients boost nitric oxide levels. [SOURCE: 1, 2]

In so doing they provide a benefit called vasodilation. This is a slight widening of the blood vessels. It occurs naturally during exercise, but boosting nitrogen levels improves the effect.

Vasodilation improves the circulation and this offers a few interesting benefits.

The blood is responsible for providing the muscles with nutrients and oxygen and the need for both increases during exercise.

When extra nutrients and oxygen become available the muscles can work longer and harder before fatigue sets in.

During exercise, lactic acid builds up in the muscles and limits the amount of work they can do.

When the circulation improves, thanks to vasodilation, more lactic acid is flushed from the muscles and carried away. Again, this helps support a better workout.

Creatine Monohydrate

Scientists first discovered the muscle-boosting power of creatine back in the 1970s. However, due to the popularity of steroids, its use never really caught on until the 1990s.

Now most bodybuilders are familiar with creatine and know what it can do. A lot of people use it as a standalone product.

Creatine is good for encouraging muscle growth [SOURCE: 3 ], but 4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement so, in this case, the value of creatine lies in another area.

It can help boost workout capability by reducing fatigue. [SOURCE: 4 ]

Caffeine + L-Theanine = Smart Caffeine

Everyone knows caffeine is good for boosting energy levels. It’s added to all the best brands of energy drink for precisely that reason. Caffeine also has a lot of respect for its ability to improve mental focus and concentration. On top of this is it reduces fatigue.

Unfortunately, a minority of people do not tolerate caffeine well and may experience jitters and other side effects

L-Theanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in green tea and black tea. It’s known for its ability to produce a unique state of mind that is sometimes referred to as an “alert calm”. [SOURCE: 5 ] This is just a way of saying it calms the mind without causing sedation.

One of the most interesting things about L-Theanine is the way it interacts with caffeine.

When combined, L-Theanine controls the negative aspects of caffeine [SOURCE: 6 ] allowing you to receive all the benefits with no energy crash.

For this reason, the combination is often called “Smart Caffeine”.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

An amino acid that can help get you through your workout by delaying the onset of mental and physical fatigue. [SOURCE: 7 ]

Coconut Water

Coconut water is not often added to formulations such as this, but that does not make its inclusion less valid.

Apart from being a good source of vitamins and minerals, it helps keep the body hydrated.

There is evidence to suggest drinking coconut water can revitalize the body in a similar way to energy drinks. [SOURCE: 8 ]

Rhodiola Rosea

A respected adaptogen herb. Rhodiola rosea should help the body cope better with the stress of a hard workout.

Additionally, it’s known to be good for improving endurance and enhancing mental cognition. [SOURCE: 9, 10 ]

Usage Guidelines and Recommendations

The dose is two scoops of 4 Gauge, mixed with 300-350ml of water. Alternatively, you can mix it with the fruit juice of your choice.

Roar Ambition recommends consuming the mixture 20-30 minutes before training.

It’s permissible to double the dose of powder for a more extreme energy boost. However, if you are new to 4 Gauge it’s best to see how you go with the normal two-scoop dose first. 

4 Gauge Customer Reviews

Customer reviews suggest this is a product that gets the job done.

A few average comments read: 

“If you need something to put some extra charge into your workout, this stuff’ll do it. It really clears your head, helps you focus, and gives you a shit-load of energy. All without jitters or other side effects. It’s bloody good stuff.”

4 Gauge Customer Reviews

“The powder is easy to mix. There are no lumps and it tastes really good. In my case, I feel the extra energy start kicking in at around the 20-25 minute mark. It keeps me energized throughout my workout too. It’s a real game changer. My BMI is down and I’m making some very good gains. This stuff really does what it says on the tin. It’s easily the best pre workout I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot.”

4 Gauge real results

“I decided to try this because I found so many good reviews. Now I’m writing one: 4 Gauge works. Try it you’ll see. Best pre-workout on the market by far.”

4 Gauge for women

“My BF uses this and he let me try some. I was nervous because I’m normally not too good with caffeine. I never had any problems with this at all and it boosted my energy levels no end. It works well for me so now I buy my own.”

Potential Side Effects and Interaction Issues

Side effects don’t appear to be an issue, but 4 Gauge is not suitable for women who are pregnant. Nor is it a good option for women who are nursing a child.

If you have existing health problems, the best thing to do is check with a doctor before using 4 Gauge. The same goes if you are considering using 4 Gauge alongside other supplements or medication.

It’s also worth remembering the formulation contains caffeine. That means it may not be a good option for you if you do not tolerate stimulants well.

However, the caffeine charge is not that high. It’s no more than you would get from one-and-a-half cups of coffee. And let’s not forget that it’s stacked with l-theanine. It’s “smart caffeine” and, as such, boosts energy levels in a kinder way than normal caffeine.

Again, if you have any doubts, your doctor will be the best person to speak too. Nothing beats professional advice.

4 Gauge Summary

4 Gauge is a high-quality pre-workout supplement. It contains a well-balanced blend of natural ingredients that are more than capable of delivering the promised results.

Additionally, customer reviews also support the various claims Roar Ambition makes for the product. So there really isn’t a lot more to say. In a world where so many supplements are sold on the back of lies, it’s refreshing to find one that actually appears to deliver the goods.

Where to Buy 4 Gauge

All sales are handled via the official 4 Gauge website, you cannot buy it in the shops and it is not available from any third-party online stores.

Nor do Roar Ambition carry out any marketing activities via Amazon or eBay. So, if the product appears to be on sale elsewhere it’s likely to be counterfeit and should be avoided.

4 Gauge special offers

A single 4 Gauge “shell” normally costs around $45 (available in other currencies), but Roar Ambition often offer special deals and promotions that provide more “BANG!” for the buck.

At the time of this review, the best deal went to customers who purchased three shells and got an extra loaded into their parcels for free.

Deals such as these come and go, so if you visit the 4 Gauge website and there’s a good deal to be had, take it like a shot.

4 Gauge Buying Info

  • You can only order from the official website
  • You can buy in your local currency ($, €, £ and AUD$)
  • Payment options are: Paypal, Amazon pay and credit or debit card)
  • There are special offers from time with the current best offer being buy 3 and get 1 free.
  • There is free shipping to the USA and UK on larger orders

Click here to visit official 4 Gauge website and view special offers

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